Friday, December 18, 2009

wow, 2 months...

Just realized I haven't posted in 2 months!! Yikes! Well, I am down 28 lbs since May, have went from an XL/XXL top to a L!! And almost down a pant size, still have to lose a couple more inches in the belly!

Haven't been to the gym since early November though.. with the wedding, honeymoon, Thanksgiving and my dads passing... it honestly hasn't been a priority to work out:(

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Noelle ♥

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

long time!

Its been a long time since I've posted on here! I have lost 25 lbs since May!! I went to have my wedding dress altered yesterday and the top has to be waaaaaay taken in; and since the bodice is corset style; the corset strings are pulled allllll the way in to fit me! So I finally have a nice hourglass shape to my middle section; still belly fat there but you cannot even tell in the wedding dress! Its so beautiful; I can't wait to share it all with you!

I am finding it difficult to stay on task with my NO CARB for 2 months plan!  I want my bread for sandwiches and am having trouble with the NO CEREAL either; I ♥ cereal!! Also need to eat more veggies again too! Today, I am cracking down for the next few weeks again so I can have a flatter tummy for the wedding and honeymoon, ooooooh lala!!!! ♥

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know its been like forever since I've posted on this blog... just nothing good to blog about. I am at a weight loss standstill:(

My dr. told me to eliminate carbs for 2 months to get my sugar levels down and I CANNOT even do that! I am just SO annoyed with myself; this IS a hard thing to do- I mean carbs are in EVERYTHING!! I am mostly supposed to be avoiding: all pastas, all breads, no cereal, no sugar- aka- CANDY!, pop, etc. Well, my son is selling candy bars for school and needless to say after the week I had, I took comfort in eating a couple of them!

With me having this Insulin Resistance, any weight I gain- goes right to my belly area!! So now, the semi-flat tummy I was getting a couple months ago is back to looking like a fat sloppy jelly roll! Plus I am bloated badly waiting for this stupid period to come!!

Ugh, just needed to vent here!!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009


I went to the gym today and got measured for the first time since I have started working out, which was the end of June...

Since then, I have lost 6 more pounds (making that a total of 17 pounds lost since May) and have lost 10 1/2 inches total from my body!! My body fat percentage went down a little more than 1%; which I still REALLY want to work on that!

But I am making progress and am proud of myself!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


At last another stinkin pound has come off!! Maybe I need to stick with just eating veggies ALL the time and this weight loss journey might move along a LITTLE bit faster!! UGH!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

At a standstill!

Well, I lost the 2 lbs that I gained over the 4th of July weekend! But NOTHING else has come off!! I am not eating the veggies like I should; when I did this, the pounds were flying off! I have been going to the gym 3 times a week and feel SO much more energy and a LOOSENESS in my pants that hasn't been there in a LONG time! I have almost gone down a shirt size, still need more work on the belly though!

I'll get measured at the gym in about 10 days so I am excited to see if I did lose any inches and if that GOD awful body fat percentage went down!! YIKES!!

Have a great week!

Noelle ♥

Sunday, July 5, 2009

damn 4th!

I am SO glad that there are NO More holidays for awhile! I gained 2 lbs back from yesterday!! Stupid urge to splurge on cookies and cupcakes!! NEVER again, I say, NEVER!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

a break down!

What has become of me! I have had a candy bar, some REAL ice cream and these chocolate chip cookie cup things my mom made the past 2 days!!! I am WEAK! And BAD!

Temptation will be all around today for the 4th! This sucks!

Please don't tell on me to the dr.!!!!

Happy 4th girls!!

Enjoy all the sweets YOU can! (hear my sarcasm now??)

Noelle ♥

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Say cheese!

Here I am, after losing probably 11 pounds. This was taken on Fathers Day by my son Gavin. I wanted to see how I looked in my outfit, lol! Don't mind all the toys behind me!
I was a little nervous about sporting the tank tops 'cause of my arms and belly!
I love these Bermuda Shorts, so comfy! Got them at Walmart for $12.00!

Can't wait to see what I'll look like after another 10, 20 or even 30 pounds come off!

13 pounds total lost since Mid-May!

Noelle ♥

Sunday, June 28, 2009

working out!

My BFF gave me a pass to join Fitness USA for $5.00 (fee) and $12.00 a month for 6 months. I joined last week and have worked out twice! I am so sore, especially the triceps area!

I am proud to say that my total weight loss since Mid-May is..... drumroll please..... 12 pounds! So if there are a bit more than 4 months till the wedding and I continue to lose 1-2 pounds a week, minimum- then I could possible have lost 35-50 pounds by the wedding!! HOLY CRAP!

I am at 237.9 pounds right now.. and would be in HEAVEN if I could be under 200 in time for the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing would I feel THEN on that day!

Thanks for your support girls:) You help me through this SO much too!!!

2 months ago, I NEVER thought I could be doing this!! BUT I AM:)

Noelle ♥

Thursday, June 18, 2009

and another...

...another pound that is!! That makes my weight loss so far 9 lbs in just under six weeks! I feel so much better, my pants are looser in the waist!! Oh man, if another 20-30 could fall off before the wedding, I'd be feeling like a little sex kitten on our wedding night... MEEEEOOOOOWWW!! LOL
Sorry if that was too much information for ya'! I am just so HAPPY!!

I rarely snack and if I do its a string cheese or Atkins protein bar. I hardly feel all that hungry either; compared to when I was stuffing my face with junk all day long!!

I am so thankful for my new dr. and their nutritionist and... for all YOUR support too:)

Noelle ♥

Sunday, June 14, 2009

take 2 MORE!

I am thrilled!! I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 8 pounds in a little over a month! That mean THIS IS WORKING! To me, I feel my tummy has gone down some, my pants fit more comfortably in the waist too. I feel like to REALLY see the difference, I need to lose quite a bit more. When you are a "BIGGER" person, a few pounds of weight loss doesn't show as much! I know its going and it makes me feel so good!

Yay for me:)


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Guilty as charged! I've cheated... not on my future hubby but on my diet!!

A slice of yumm-o cake the other day, potato chips last night with dinner... SOOO BAD!

I am starting to despise VEGGIES!! A girl can only eat so much of these!!

I need to get back on track or the dr. will be giving me some bad news on the 29th... NO CARBS! Eeek... the little bit that I can have is hard enough, I can't imagine not having any!!

Any good and tasty recipes with veggies in them that you can share with me? Websites for recipes?

Help a sista' out please!!!!!!

Noelle ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the "diet"

Hi there!

I think I am finally adjusting to my new way of eating. The hub-to-be paid me a compliment last night at dinner, he said I am doing a really good job on sticking with my dr.'s orders as to how/what I am supposed to eat. That made me feel SO good!

I have lost a total of 6.5 pounds; 2 in just the last week in a half. I eat lots of veggies at lunch and dinner. Have cut out almost all of the nonsense snacking that I have done in the past. I only drink Coke Zero, or will try another type of Diet pop, so there are no empty calories there anymore. I am still having a tough time with cereal but as long as I take a smaller amount of it and link it with some protein, such as some nuts or a protein shake (the Atkins ones are GOOD!), I am ok.

I did have a piece of cake tonite at my moms- BAD!! I did drink a protein shake when I got home, to hopefully balance out the carbs.

My next dr. appt is on the 29th of this month. I feel like I need to lose another 5 pounds or they may tell me that I have to TOTALLY cut out ALL carbs! That would SUCK!! I need to exercise more too, I've been walking but am thinking of joining a gym too. I was gonna do Curves, but was getting the run-around from the woman who wanted to sign me up. WEIRD!

I am curious to see where I will be at the end of summer with this diet. I already feel better and am getting a bit more energy:) Of course, sleeping in everyday helps that too.

The wedding is only 5 months away now... time is ticking for me! I want to look WONDERFUL on our big day... think I can pull it off? If I lost 20-30 pounds by then, and deflated this massive belly... I would be THRILLED!!!!

Noelle ♥

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how did i not know?




Tuesday, May 19, 2009

oh yea!

guess what? i have lost 4 pounds!! YAHooooooo!!

onto another note...

got the news yesterday that I AM insulin resistant, and have the PCOS! apparently the "lady" that called me from the office the first time didn't know what the hell she was talking about when she said that the test results were normal. my actual dr's nurse called yesterday and said that the insulin was high. sooooo... on june 1st i have to meet with a nutritionist to look at the 2 week food journal that i have to keep with everything that i eat each day till i meet with her. we are going to develop a diet plan for me since i have to watch this stuff now- ex. carbs, sweets, etc.

the positive on this...

(1) it will help me LOSE WEIGHT!

(2) the odds that my periods will come back are HIGH

(3) if the periods to come back, i can stop taking the PROVERA and won't be bloated like a hot air balloon anymore!

(4) i might be lookin' REAL SEXY for my future hubby in 6 months for our WEDDING DAY!

today i have ate really well- salad, fruit, some chicken and pecans in the salad and NO POP! i actually feel really good!!


thanks for your support girls!!

loves ya,
noelle ♥

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Holy CRAP!! Vickie wasn't lying about the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Micheals!! I started it yesterday and almost died from the cardio! Cardio, man I didn't think it would be that hard! The butt kicks really kicked my BUTT!! LOL I am feeling it today in my thighs especially. Are you supposed to do it every day for 30 days?

I was thinking of doing my other video with her today, the Power Sculpt one; which is my favorite!!

We'll see, I feel like I can't move... but its a GOOD thing!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

take 2

Down 2 lbs in the past week; haven't been eating as much, not feeling HUNGRY all the time like I usually do. I have found a new found love and sense of inspiration for the show, The Biggest Loser! It had made me rethink what I want to eat:)

6 months till the wedding... lost 2 lbs. and only 40 more to go!! Can I do it?? HOPE SO!! I'd be happy if I lost 30 by the wedding!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I suck... again!

Still have not started the 30 day shred and all I want issssss... CHOCOLATE!! Too bad that we only had nasty crisp rice/chocolate eggs left from Easter and I'll pass on those!! Exercise tomorrow, is a MUST!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I need a kick in the rear!

Well, still no motivation to exercise! I did buy the 30 day shred video last week from Target but its still sitting on the entertainment center. My math class is done and work ended today; so maybe I will unwind and dig deep to find the motivation to exercise. I have not been eating nearly as much as I normally would, since I haven't been feeling well- probably due to the nausea I get at times.

I am hoping to get an appointment with my new PC dr. in a week or so. I sent back my new patient paperwork today.

My swelling has calmed down some too; so I have lost a pound. Ugh, if only 50 more could fall off that quickly!! I will admit something to you that I never tell anyone... I weigh 247 lbs. right now! Thank GOD I am tall and the weight is evenly distributed throughout most of my body- well the belly is BIG! This is the most I ever weighed!! SO DEPRESSING! I'l like to be down to 210 by then end of summer, at the minimum!!

Off to bed now, chat soon!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning over a new leaf...

I did it... I have been debating whether or not to join a 30 day fitness research study with Curves for Women and I did it! I signed up! You have to commit to 3, 30 minute work outs a week for 4 weeks. I did join Curves years ago and actually lost inches in my middle section... remarkable!! So if I do this religiously like they ask, 3 times a week is NOT bad!! And, I see results... I think I will "re-join" there again. Curves is great because its ALL WOMEN! No creepy men staring at your as* when you do squats at the gym; lol!

As far as other things with me go... I have had a tremendous amount of lower back pain for about 2 weeks now, a constant dull and achy feeling/pain in my lower belly- under my belly button for a week consistently, no period now since early March (and that even with taking the Provera my dr. prescribed me to help me get a period!!) and nausea!! If I didn't know better... I'd think I was pregnant. But I can't be, my "tubes" are tied!! I know in some cases it does happen and its NOT good!

So tomorrow I am going to see my gyno dr. and am giving her ONE LAST CHANCE to find out what the hell is going on with me!!! If she tells me, you need to LOSE WEIGHT! I am going to explode into tears and yell!! Then I will ask for my medical records as I leave her office!!

Please pray that I get some answers soon. All these weird aches and pains are affecting the quality of my life. I am 30 for goodness sakes!!!! I shouldn't feel like an OLD OLD LADY!!!

Noelle ♥

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow, this has been a bad couple of days. I feel like I want to eat constantly!! My period should be knockin' on the door here soon; but I think that is part of my problem. I have not gotten a period on my own since last May 2008. I didn't get one until August 2008 when my dr. prescribed me with a pill to
"give me a period", which might I add, causes terrible bloating! This is why I am going to see a new gyno dr. in a couple weeks!! My old dr. only had one answer for everything... Lose Weight! Easier said than done sister!! I am swelling in my legs, hands, arms... its terrible. Everyone (myself, my mom and girlfriends) are all concerned that something more is going on with me. My family has a history of female problems; I am afraid that I am next in line!

I did eat an apple today with a tbsp. of lite peanut butter for a snack and it was so yummy and satisfying! I was proud of myself for that but nibbled on some chips and easter candy today too:( We went to dinner and I had a big salad, which was GOOD and FILLING. I need to get walking or something everyday or I will HATE myself so much this summer when its time to put a swimsuit on!!

Just say a prayer that we will find out what is going on with my health, please friends? I am scared!

Noelle ♥

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just popping in to admit that I haven't gotten motivation yet this week to work off this FLAB! Easter didn't help with all the deviled eggs! UGH! BUT... I have NOT gone crazy with Easter candy like I am normally prone to do.

Tomorrow is another day... no work, no school and one kiddo home. So at nap time I will be Power Sculpting with my Biggest Loser DVD and cleaning. I am striving to eat more fruits and veggies tomorrow too. I find it SO hard to eat good on days that I am away from home- at class or working. Do you do the same??? I am always running late which makes it hard to pack a healthier lunch to take with me.

What is your GOAL for the DAY?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good DVD?

Has anyone used this? Sounds good, if its anything like her other videos! This chick is tough!! I have used the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt and really like it; just haven't kept up with it very well. I WILL do it tomorrow! I WILL also begin my food journal tomorrow too:)

Noelle :)

Welcome to my NEW Blog!!

Hi there! This is my new blog to help support my weight loss journey:) I have met and made many wonderful supportive friends through my other blog Lil' Bits and Pieces of Me; which is just my daily ramblings about crafts, shopping, kids, etc.

I have chosed to start another blog to remain focused on weight loss; the good, the bad and the ugly!! I want to keep track of what I eat, when I exercise, my "a-ha!" weight loss motivating moments, etc. I hope you will join me too on my journey over "this scary bridge" in my life; as I make it over the bridge to the beautiful place that lies ahead!

Since I started this on Easter... I need to make this first post short. Please check back soon for more info...

Noelle ♥
a.k.a PHAT Bottomed Girl