Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know its been like forever since I've posted on this blog... just nothing good to blog about. I am at a weight loss standstill:(

My dr. told me to eliminate carbs for 2 months to get my sugar levels down and I CANNOT even do that! I am just SO annoyed with myself; this IS a hard thing to do- I mean carbs are in EVERYTHING!! I am mostly supposed to be avoiding: all pastas, all breads, no cereal, no sugar- aka- CANDY!, pop, etc. Well, my son is selling candy bars for school and needless to say after the week I had, I took comfort in eating a couple of them!

With me having this Insulin Resistance, any weight I gain- goes right to my belly area!! So now, the semi-flat tummy I was getting a couple months ago is back to looking like a fat sloppy jelly roll! Plus I am bloated badly waiting for this stupid period to come!!

Ugh, just needed to vent here!!!!