Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know its been like forever since I've posted on this blog... just nothing good to blog about. I am at a weight loss standstill:(

My dr. told me to eliminate carbs for 2 months to get my sugar levels down and I CANNOT even do that! I am just SO annoyed with myself; this IS a hard thing to do- I mean carbs are in EVERYTHING!! I am mostly supposed to be avoiding: all pastas, all breads, no cereal, no sugar- aka- CANDY!, pop, etc. Well, my son is selling candy bars for school and needless to say after the week I had, I took comfort in eating a couple of them!

With me having this Insulin Resistance, any weight I gain- goes right to my belly area!! So now, the semi-flat tummy I was getting a couple months ago is back to looking like a fat sloppy jelly roll! Plus I am bloated badly waiting for this stupid period to come!!

Ugh, just needed to vent here!!!!



  1. I know it's hard but ya gotta ignore your tummy when Aunt Flo is due to visit! ♥

  2. According to me it is very difficult to loss weight in this type of circumstances.

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  3. have to leave your spicy and testy food dear!If how you will get your goal?Just can do this...So many other law fat foods available and also they spicy too..check it out.