Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I need a kick in the rear!

Well, still no motivation to exercise! I did buy the 30 day shred video last week from Target but its still sitting on the entertainment center. My math class is done and work ended today; so maybe I will unwind and dig deep to find the motivation to exercise. I have not been eating nearly as much as I normally would, since I haven't been feeling well- probably due to the nausea I get at times.

I am hoping to get an appointment with my new PC dr. in a week or so. I sent back my new patient paperwork today.

My swelling has calmed down some too; so I have lost a pound. Ugh, if only 50 more could fall off that quickly!! I will admit something to you that I never tell anyone... I weigh 247 lbs. right now! Thank GOD I am tall and the weight is evenly distributed throughout most of my body- well the belly is BIG! This is the most I ever weighed!! SO DEPRESSING! I'l like to be down to 210 by then end of summer, at the minimum!!

Off to bed now, chat soon!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning over a new leaf...

I did it... I have been debating whether or not to join a 30 day fitness research study with Curves for Women and I did it! I signed up! You have to commit to 3, 30 minute work outs a week for 4 weeks. I did join Curves years ago and actually lost inches in my middle section... remarkable!! So if I do this religiously like they ask, 3 times a week is NOT bad!! And, I see results... I think I will "re-join" there again. Curves is great because its ALL WOMEN! No creepy men staring at your as* when you do squats at the gym; lol!

As far as other things with me go... I have had a tremendous amount of lower back pain for about 2 weeks now, a constant dull and achy feeling/pain in my lower belly- under my belly button for a week consistently, no period now since early March (and that even with taking the Provera my dr. prescribed me to help me get a period!!) and nausea!! If I didn't know better... I'd think I was pregnant. But I can't be, my "tubes" are tied!! I know in some cases it does happen and its NOT good!

So tomorrow I am going to see my gyno dr. and am giving her ONE LAST CHANCE to find out what the hell is going on with me!!! If she tells me, you need to LOSE WEIGHT! I am going to explode into tears and yell!! Then I will ask for my medical records as I leave her office!!

Please pray that I get some answers soon. All these weird aches and pains are affecting the quality of my life. I am 30 for goodness sakes!!!! I shouldn't feel like an OLD OLD LADY!!!

Noelle ♥

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wow, this has been a bad couple of days. I feel like I want to eat constantly!! My period should be knockin' on the door here soon; but I think that is part of my problem. I have not gotten a period on my own since last May 2008. I didn't get one until August 2008 when my dr. prescribed me with a pill to
"give me a period", which might I add, causes terrible bloating! This is why I am going to see a new gyno dr. in a couple weeks!! My old dr. only had one answer for everything... Lose Weight! Easier said than done sister!! I am swelling in my legs, hands, arms... its terrible. Everyone (myself, my mom and girlfriends) are all concerned that something more is going on with me. My family has a history of female problems; I am afraid that I am next in line!

I did eat an apple today with a tbsp. of lite peanut butter for a snack and it was so yummy and satisfying! I was proud of myself for that but nibbled on some chips and easter candy today too:( We went to dinner and I had a big salad, which was GOOD and FILLING. I need to get walking or something everyday or I will HATE myself so much this summer when its time to put a swimsuit on!!

Just say a prayer that we will find out what is going on with my health, please friends? I am scared!

Noelle ♥

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just popping in to admit that I haven't gotten motivation yet this week to work off this FLAB! Easter didn't help with all the deviled eggs! UGH! BUT... I have NOT gone crazy with Easter candy like I am normally prone to do.

Tomorrow is another day... no work, no school and one kiddo home. So at nap time I will be Power Sculpting with my Biggest Loser DVD and cleaning. I am striving to eat more fruits and veggies tomorrow too. I find it SO hard to eat good on days that I am away from home- at class or working. Do you do the same??? I am always running late which makes it hard to pack a healthier lunch to take with me.

What is your GOAL for the DAY?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good DVD?

Has anyone used this? Sounds good, if its anything like her other videos! This chick is tough!! I have used the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt and really like it; just haven't kept up with it very well. I WILL do it tomorrow! I WILL also begin my food journal tomorrow too:)

Noelle :)

Welcome to my NEW Blog!!

Hi there! This is my new blog to help support my weight loss journey:) I have met and made many wonderful supportive friends through my other blog Lil' Bits and Pieces of Me; which is just my daily ramblings about crafts, shopping, kids, etc.

I have chosed to start another blog to remain focused on weight loss; the good, the bad and the ugly!! I want to keep track of what I eat, when I exercise, my "a-ha!" weight loss motivating moments, etc. I hope you will join me too on my journey over "this scary bridge" in my life; as I make it over the bridge to the beautiful place that lies ahead!

Since I started this on Easter... I need to make this first post short. Please check back soon for more info...

Noelle ♥
a.k.a PHAT Bottomed Girl